The city is like a kaleidoscope. Each step, each turn, each move unfolds a new image, a new vision, a new story. The Taste of Barcelona is a tour that highlights some of the many facets of this kaleidoscope, as seen through the eyes of Ioana, designer and blogger, and Andre, chef and local guide.

Discovering new places, learning about local taste and customs, meeting people and sharing everybody’s passions, experiences and point of view on Barcelona: that’s what I do. I am Ioana, digital nomad now based in the Catalan capital, wandering the city and finding the stories.

If you’re around Barcelona, join Andre, local chef and guide, for almost half a day of tastings and stories, with lots of food and fun. Read all the details about timing, stops and menu and make your booking here.

Food: the way it’s served, the dishes used, as well as the facts, the legends, the kings or the movies that inspired the names or the recipes. Wines: the types of grapes, the iconic brands, the wineries routes, the local names. Vermouth, sidra and other great stuff to drink. Chocolate, crema catalana, torrons… in short, a collection of the most important names in Iberian gastronomy, described as briefly as I can.


The experiences that Barcelona offers are a unique blend of ideas, traditions, influences, styles and tastes. To this, you add atmosphere, design, the story of the place, the name of the chef, or barista, or somelier, and that’s the complete recipe for a true taste of a place.