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History, Photography, Tapas, Moritz, Chocolate with Olive Oil and Salt, Tapas, Tastings, a Walk on a Very Gothic Street, Jamón Pata Negra, a Stop to a Coffee while Seeing some Posters of Picasso and Miró. Among Others.

el Born CC

Former Market + Archaeological Site + Restaurant + Exhibition with Guided Tour

El Born market opened in 1876. The building forms part of other architectural interventions dating from a historical period in which Barcelona was immersed in the European modernist movement. An archaeological site was found in the subsoil, revealing traces of the demarcations of streets and houses Barcelona of the 1700s, serving as a testament both to life in the city and the consequences of the siege of 1714.

the Restaurant

Platillos Históricos y Tradicionales. Platillos de Cocina de Mercado. El Pan del Born… “This bar created by chef Jordi Vilà and the Barcelona beer company Moritz, is located inside the recently reopened market of El Born, which has become a cultural center, is one of the hottest spots for best tapas and beers in Barcelona.”


the Atmosphere



This place is (also) a Memory Center, meaning that they’re building here an archive about the market and the neighborhood, by collecting historical documents and photos, interviewing the locals, or running exhibitions.



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