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Tan-ta-ran-ta-na. Carrer d’en Tarantana. A nice and quiet street, between Carrer de la Princesa and Plaça de Sant Augustí Vell, off the tourist mainstream.



Bar del Convent

This very nice and singular bar that can also serve as a civic center is inside the Sant Agustí Convent, a 14th-century Gothic building, and there’s also a terrace with views of the cloister that gives a peaceful and cozy feel. Surrounded by exposed stone walls, you can enjoy empanada filled pastries, a daily special dish, or a beer on tap that comes with a free tapaBar del Convent is also a kid-friendly place. On Thursday and Friday afternoons they host live music.




Impossible Project Barcelona

Impossible Barcelona & Chandal share a beautiful space. Impossible Barcelona is the official Impossible Project partner store in Spain. Here you will find instant photography, film, cameras and accessories, exhibitions, presentations and specialized workshops. Chandal is a concept store with accessories, home ware, stationery and publications, and a kids section with toys, clothes, accessories and books.



Graphics by Estudio Primo


When Polaroid announced the end of instant film in 2008, Impossible bought the last remaining factory, days before it closed down. The machines had been dismantled, there were no formulas to follow and the supply chain had already been destroyed. ‘If we wanted to keep instant photography alive, we had to reinvent instant film from scratch. We believe in making real photos. Photos with a life after the shutter clicks. Photos that develop in the palm of your hand, ready to pin to the wall or give to a friend. That’s why we’ve spent eight years working on our film formula. It’s why we’re reinventing analog instant photography in a digital world’ they say.


Graphics by Antonio Moreno

Restaurant Tantarantana




A special tavern featuring quality dishes and tapas. Fresh market and Mediterranean cuisine. Tantarantana has two terraces, one in front of the restaurant and the other in the quaint square, Plaça Allada Vermell. Opens every day from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am. Serves lunch and dinner.



Unsi Wines, packaging by Eduardo Crespo.

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