Inside Poblenou | a Story by Darius Koehli

Between the beach and the new Diagonal Mar avenue and its Forum, Diagonal 00, Torre Agbar or Gloriès, Poblenou is a special place to see. This exhibition showcases, photographically, the wonderful diversity of the district. Darius Koehli is a photographer from Switzerland who lives in Barcelona. This project documents the transformation of Poblenou district since … Continue reading Inside Poblenou | a Story by Darius Koehli

el Turrón

A simple recipe with honey, sugar, egg white and almonds, turned out into the essential sweet of any Christmas meal, in Spain, and into the famous Spanish candy in the world. While today a number of different varieties exist, and regions have their own special recipes, the history of turrón can be traced back to one … Continue reading el Turrón

Books and the City

Sala Ciutat, translating into the City Room, is the place for books about Barcelona. History, architecture, vintage and contemporary photography, city illustration, customs, secrets, symbols, districts – briefly any topic on Barcelona can be found, here. When browsing through the books it’s easy to find out original stories on Barcelona, especially as most books focus … Continue reading Books and the City