the Tour

2001-tour-iStart your day in Barcelona in a tasty way: join our gourmet tour and try plenty of Iberic specialties.

The Taste of Barcelona takes you on a route around some of the most renowned areas of the city, filled with histories, design and lifestyle and, above all, piled up with food, every step of the way. It takes more than 4 hours and, as it is actually supposed to happen with Spanish food, it’s about sharing the joy of tasting, just as much as it’s about sharing stories of traditions and customs.
The Taste of Barcelona has 4 stops. It starts with Breakfast, continues with Brunch, has a Paella Cooking Show at Lunch and ends with Sweets.

Breakfast: dry-cured Spanish ham (jamón iberico + serrano) + cured Manchego cheese + olives mixed with seafood/veggies/anchovies (gildas) + Spanish croquettes + fresh fruit
Brunch: pintxos + white regional Basque wine
Lunch: one dish of Paella (Fideoa as vegetarian option) + red wine + fresh wáter
Sweets: churros con chocolate (fried-dough pastry with hot chocolate)

Time of the Tour: 4 – 5h | Number of Stops: 4 |Group Size of: min. 3 | max: 12 people | Meeting point: Hard Rock Cafe, Catalunya Square 21 | Every Saturday at 9.30 a.m. |

Price / Person: € 72

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